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Electric Vehicles and Their Power Essentials: Link-power’s Role

Electric Vehicles and Their Power Essentials: Link-power's Role

Inductors: The Unsung Heroes

Inductors are another key part of the EV puzzle. They’re in the DC-DC converters that manage the battery’s power. As cars get smarter and need more ECUs, the demand for inductors goes up.

Link-power: Your Partner in the EV Revolution

Link-power is all about providing the transformers and inductors that make EVs and their charging stations tick. We have over 1,000 standard parts ready to go and can customize solutions for unique needs.

Quality and Standards

Our products meet the highest quality standards, certified by IATF 16949:2016. This means we focus on reducing errors, complying with regulations, and keeping customers happy.

Technical Considerations

EV developers have to think about heat and how components work together without causing interference. Link-power’s transformers and inductors are designed with these challenges in mind.

Join the EV Journey with Link-power

Want to know more about how Link-power supports the EV and charging tech of tomorrow? Get in touch to learn more and start your project today.

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